Recycled wooden boxes: 17 ideas to inspire you

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Wooden boxes are ideal for recycling and / or turning them into something new (for example, a decorative element, or a box to store something, or a seat ...).

Ideas to reuse wooden boxes and give them a new use.

1. Boxes-Lejas for the kitchen

Source: asortoffairytalegirl.blogspot

2. Rolling boxes for storing toys

3. Colored drawers for living room furniture

Source: brigitte

4. Box-Pot to put flowers

Source: marieclaireidees

5. Box-Dining-Pet Drinker

Source: designsponge

6. Box-terrace table with side storage

Source: etsy

7. Living room table-box


8. Box-Furniture-Shelf for study

Source: stylizimoblog

9. Shoe storage box

Source: findinghomeonline

10. Kitchen cabinet-box

Source: hannashantverk.blogspot

11. Box-Leja for the bathroom

Source: macarenagea

12. Far boxes to classify DIY items

Source: designsponge

13. Box-Furniture shelf for the living room

Source: homestory

14.Box-Bedside table

Source: .learningcreatingliving

15. Decorative box-table with storage

Source: hosmarte.blogspot

16. Personalized reading cabinet-box for books of different sizes

Source: designfixation.blogspot

17. Box-chair with wheels and storage

Source: namelyoriginal.blogspot

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