How to cure scabies in dogs? Practical tips and home remedies

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If you suspect that your dog has infected with mange, there are a few things to keep in mind

Scabies is a skin disease caused by different types of mites and that affects many dogs and animals in general. It must be diagnosed as soon as possible as it can have serious consequences if not treated properly.

-First of all, let's see some FAQs and information about scabies:

How does a dog get scabies?

Typically scabies It is spread by direct contact with an infected animal or even by an object that has been in contact with an animal with scabies.

How do I know if my dog ​​has mange? What symptoms should it present?

We will know it can be scabies If we see that our dog suffers from these symptoms:

  • Sores and wounds on the skin
  • Bad smell of the skin
  • Dry, crusty, and thick skin (in the more advanced stages of scabies)
  • Itching and burning of the skin
  • Redness and swelling of the skin
  • Constant scratching and rubbing against objects or the floor to alleviate
  • Lack of appetite (anorexia) and have great weight loss
  • Hair loss and thinning, with completely hairless areas
  • Skin rash (Red spots)
  • Skin scales

Severe case of scabies in stray dog

Can I get scabies from my dog?

Yes, there is a risk, although it will not be as serious as for your dog. The symptoms will not be as severe as the scabies parasites cannot penetrate our skin deeply enough to cause more than a mild itch. To prevent that from happening, you will have to clean the dog's accessories (bed, toys, carpet ... etc.) very often (with latex gloves) and keep the dog in an isolated room until he recovers.

If you suspect that you are infected, see your doctor to prescribe some ointment or medicine.

-If we see that our dog has some of the above symptoms, let's see the steps ofhow we should act and how we should and can care for a dog with mange, Step by Step:

1. The first thing is to take him to the vet

We should not believe that only home remedies will cure them. Home remedies help and make the dog heal sooner, but it is not the cure. They just speed up the healing process. We must take our dog to the vet as soon as possible to be diagnosed and see if it really is scabies, what type it is and how serious it is.

IMPORTANT: Once diagnosed will tell us which treatment will suit you best and We will have to follow it as it has indicated.

2. Isolate your infected dog, especially if you have other pets that are not infected, and disinfect everything very frequently

We must have it in a specific place (a room for example) for a small period of time so I can heal faster and we can clean and disinfect the rest of the house well. It should be a warm place, do not tie it outside the house or keep it in confined or cold spaces if it was winter.Once it's healed, let it be everywhere again (previously disinfected) and not allow you to enter that room until it has been thoroughly disinfected.

IMPORTANT: Remember disinfect everything well: floors, dog bed, collar, carpets…etc. And what you use while you improve. Bleach is highly recommended to disinfect the soil and there are special cleaning products to fight scabies.

3. Act normally with him, don't treat him differently

Play with him, take him for a walk, give him his favorite toys, spend time with him in the room where you have him isolated, give him caresses, prizes ... We must keep you attended to so that you do not notice any rejection because of the disease. Also, a depressed dog recovers more slowly what a happy one.We must be understanding, loving and positive.

IMPORTANT: Ourselves too we must have a lot of hygiene and wear latex gloves when maintaining physical contact with him (and if we have to wash the dog)until it has healed.

4. If you have other pets at home, they may need to undergo treatment as well

Even if they have no symptoms yet. They may have been infected. Ask your vet if it is appropriate to treat others also at the same time to make sure that we will not go through the same thing again with any of our other pets. and become the whiting that bites its tail.

5. Try to improve or heal before with these home remedies (complementary to the veterinarian's treatment)

As we mentioned, there is no home remedy that cures scabies, but rather helps to improve or minimize its symptoms and discomfort. However,the opinion of a veterinarian would be necessary before starting any treatment or home remedy just in case. Between the most common home remedies to improve scabies are:

  • GARLIC: Grind two cloves of garlic and mix with olive oil. Apply to the affected areas as an ointment. Let it work for a few hours and then rinse with a clean cloth dampened in water. This works as antibacterial and healing.
  • VEGETABLE OILS: We can apply various types of oils as topical treatments. Olive oil or essential oils (such as lavender or almonds). These help to weaken the mite deposits and eliminate the weak ones. Never use motor oil or anything like that.
  • WHITE SOAP: If you have run out of the special soap that the vet prescribed to wash your dog, you can use white soap, since it is antibacterial and antiseptic with a neutral PH. We should not use a brush to wash it, just wet it, lather it, lather it and rinse it.
  • CHAMOMILE: The infusion of chamomile is used warm or at the temperature of the time, applied on the affected areas. Soothe irritated areas.
  • YOGURT: Apply white yogurt to injured areas to aid healing.
  • LEMON: Gently rub a few lemon slices on the affected areas or make a water preparation with lemon drops and spray carefully on your body (not on your head or face). It acts as a disinfectant.


-Ask your vet about how to wash your dog, with what special shampoo and if you need to cut his hair to improve.

-Keep your dog away from other dogs to avoid infecting them. Advise other dog owners to be careful.

-Go to the vet frequently for checkups and to see if it is improving. Ask if he needs a change in eating habits to improve his coat during and after treatment.

-Any questions call or go to the vet. This article is merely informative and supplementary to the expert opinion of a veterinarian. We must not neglect our pet if we suspect you may have scabies or another disease.

Good luck and ... See you never scabies!

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