12 characteristics of the new leader

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Characteristics of the new leadership

  • 1. Close

The chief of staff went down in history.

  • 2. Realistic

Know the resources you have and how far you can go with them.

  • 3. Socially skilled

Assertive, empathetic and clear.

  • 4. Daring

No fear of failure.

  • 5. Open mind

Recognize opportunities where they exist.

  • 6. Long-term oriented

Vision of progress. Long-term but very significant results.

  • 7. Qualitative

Focused on quality and not quantity.

  • 8. Less hierarchical

Linear and complementary organization.

  • 9. Innovative and creative

Creativity and innovation are welcome.

  • 10. Common good

Fight for the common good of the company.

  • 11. Touch contact

Person to person. Eliminate all kinds of bureaucracy.

  • 12. Ethical

Mind and spirit of a leader.
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