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Restaurant Grill Marbella Club belongs to the Hotel Marbella Club and is located in the popularly called Marbella "golden mile". Elegant restaurant and charming, sophisticated and beautiful terrace for the summer, which one of the focal points of attraction of the Marbella environment, with a very select summer clientele.

Juan Gálvez was the signing of the HotelMarbella Club, after obtaining his first Michelin star at El Patio Restaurant (Tenerife). A kitchen of innovation and avant-garde but comedian and adjusted. The menu changes three times a year, seasonally seasonal.In hunting season a special menu is designed. In spring, asparagus lovers have an important place in Galvez's proposals. He is the designer of the menus for all the hotel restaurants.

Sophisticated elaborations where caviar, salmon (for example, Duo of marinated and smoked salmon with caviar), lobster (such as Lobster ravioli in its juice), or the truffle (Roast beef tenderloin with black truffle sauce).

Wide and selected winery. Very professional service at the level of its category, but with kindness, beyond the rigid protocol. Precious, in keeping with the Marbella and hotel setting.

Google Maps address and phone
BoulevardAlfonso Von Hohenlohe, s / n (29600 Marbella) 59 km from Malaga. Tel: 952 822 21
Chef: Juan Gálvez (kitchen), Ángel González (sommelier)

Menu / Recommended dishes

Duo of marinated and smoked salmon with caviar. Sauteed prawns and spinach with Gruyére cheese. Hot duck liver with Catalan wing bread and Pedro Ximénez. Urta supreme with onion, basil and Jerez wine. Sole fillets with endives and cockles. Roast beef tenderloin with black truffle sauce. Mango sorbet with candied orange. Tasting menu.

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