The incredible health benefits of kissing

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Kissing not only makes you feel great, it is also great for your health and overall well-being

A passionate kiss, a kiss on the cheek, an Eskimo kiss, or even an air kiss.

There are many types of kisses that we can or can give us, but did you know that all of them have surprising benefits for your health?

Read on to find out how the kiss ensures a healthier lifestyle.

1. Kissing increases the bond with the other person

Kissing makes it freeoxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for helping create a sense of pleasure, intimacy and bond.

When we kiss, our brains respond by releasing oxytocin, which makes us feel good, helps us feel connected and trusts the other person.

2. Kissing increases arousal

Soimproves sexual relations.

3. Kissing protects against diseases

Our mouth contains more than 700 different types of bacteria. When we kiss for more than 10 seconds, around 80 million bacteria are transferred from one mouth to the other, and this is very beneficial for our health.

Many studies have shown that having a variety of bacterial species is correlated with good health, as it helps strengthen our immune system and to protect ourselves against harmful germs.

4. Kissing increases happiness

When we kiss we release endorphins, which makes us feel better.

5. Kissing reduces pain

With kisses, our body releases adrenalin, which can reduce the sensation of pain.

6. Kissing reduces stress and anxiety

Kissing lowers levels cortisol, the stress hormone.

7. Kissing helps burn calories

At rest, our metabolism is consuming approximately 1 calorie / minute, and kissing appears to burn about 2 to 3 calories / minute.

Did you know that kissing for more than a minute can burn more than 25 calories?

We summarize all these wonderful benefits of kisses in this video. We hope you love them!

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