Microsoft and the freedom of blogging

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Graeme Wearden echoes on ZDNet a story that appeared in Boing Boing according to which MSN Spaces, Microsoft's blog service, would be rejecting certain titles or URLs because they would contain words that Microsoft would consider inappropriate. This censorship extends to other aspects.

For analysts, getting a laughingstock to pass the MSN checks can be fun, but it also illustrates the tensions between the "traditional freedom" and open world of blogging and the corporate approach to blogging by a software giant like Microsoft. . Those of Boing Boing point out: “If you can't express yourself freely on a blog, what's the point of having one?

These tensions also appear in relation to the content of the Blog. Unlike Blogger, MSN Spaces requires new users to give Microsoft permission to "use, copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, edit, modify, translate, and reformat" their blogs.


  • The article on ZDNet.

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