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Body treatments are really effective for losing weight !!

Every day there are more proposals for localized body treatments, to lose belly fat and lose a few extra kilos. When the diet is not enough, sometimes certain localized treatments are used in order to lose fat in the abdomen, cartridge belts ...

Reducing treatments for Perfect Weight

We are talking about: cavitation, mesotherapy, ultrasound ... These treatments are not exclusive and can be mixed, so that several of them can be combined and done at the same time. Because men and women undergo this type of non-surgical body slimming treatments, it is interesting that you know if they are really effective. According to certain scientific research, Body Treatments have benefits to reduce waist and hip circumferences measurements.

Any reducing treatment must be accompanied by exercise and a healthy and balanced diet. Any professional in our trade knows that. If you are going to undergo a reducing or anti-cellulite treatment, inform yourself well about the technique you are going to receive, about the real results that you can achieve and above all, go to centers that offer you confidence and if you have any questions, leave your questions in our Blog and we promise to answer as soon as possible.

Healthy eating: fruits and vegetables

Types of Reducing Treatments


Cavitation it is a beauty treatment, which reduces local volume. It is an ultrasound, which removes fat, turns into a liquid substance and is eliminated in the urine. It is essential to drain with pressotherapy or electrostimulation, after each session. Disadvantages: if you have your entire body swollen, it is not a treatment is convenient for you, since it works localized areas of fat. For more information go to this link: Cavitation.

Body cavitation


ThePressotherapy It is a device that, through trousers, which swells and deflates, compresses and decompresses the body, stimulating return circulation. It is a non-invasive treatment. It is ideal to combine with other types of treatments such as: cavitation, exudation with algae, mesotherapy ... It is only for the circulatory system.



Mesotherapy It consists of subcuattaneous injections with draining, lipolytic, circulation activating products. They are applied to the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It is an invasive treatment. For more information, go to this link: Mesotherapy.


LPG method

The LPG Method it is a non-aggressive treatment. Through the technology of its motorized rollers with multiple incorporated programs, it manages to produce a cutaneous gymnastics mitigating unsightly orange peel skin.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymph is the fluid that surrounds and bathes all the cells of the body and constitutes the internal environment of those cells. Just like we couldn't survive for long in a polluted environment. Our cells need a healthy environment to function properly. When this liquid does not work well, it is when we get flooded with liquid and we do not lose weight. Lymphatic drainage massage is very beneficial for health and enhances any slimming treatment that we do.

Lymphatic drainage

Passive Gymnastics

Passive Gymnastics It is a treatment, which is carried out by equipment that generates electrical impulses. They are transmitted through the skin directly to the muscles, which contract and relax rhythmically with greater or lesser intensity.

Passive gymnastics

Cold bandages

Cold Bandages They are used to combat sagging and burn fat. They are envelopes of cryotherapy (cold) localized, firming and stimulating the peripheral circulation. This treatment is ideal combined with thermosudación. If you are cold or have rheumatism, it is not advisable. For more information enter this link: Treatment with Cryotherapy or Cryolipolysis.

Cold bandage treatment

Thermosudation-Seaweed Wrap

Thermosudación with Algae It is a treatment with which we achieve a significant reduction in fluids and an improvement of cellulite quickly. It is a pleasant, simple and painless technique, which is performed in relaxing sessions of about 30 minutes, with 2 to 3 weekly sessions being recommended. A very rapid effect of volume loss is experienced. This wrap has an anti-pain, anti-inflammatory effect and remineralizes the body. For more information, go to this link: Thinning Seaweed.

Capsule for algae exudation


Thermosudation It is an anti-cellulite osmotic envelope, with localized infrared bands for 20 to 30 minutes and with the application of the gel these effects are enhanced.

Smooth candle

The Smooth Candle It is a medical device, which uses 4 elements: bipolar radio frequency infrared light, suction and traction massage. It is a complete treatment. You have to know how to work it very well to be effective.

Aesthetic Center Cabin

Vibrating platform

The Vibrating Platform provides impulses, which cause each of the muscles to respond by contracting. With these rapid movements, the body expends large amounts of calories and energy. Activates lymphatic circulation. The Platform is to be combined with Algae exudation, cavitation, electrotherapy ... For more information enter this link: Vibratory Platform.

Vibrating platform

Subdermal or Endomassage Massage

Subdermal or Endomassage Massage, is the massage that we know as anti-cellulite. It is a massage, which is very deep and is very specific, for cellulite. If cellulite is in phase 1 it can be annoying.

Radio frequency

Radiofrequency It is a technique, which consists of applying energy through the surface of the dermis by means of deep and controlled heating, which affects the skin and the subcutaneous cellular tissue. The skin is reddened. It is perfect to alternate with any slimming treatment.

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