Legality of the purchase of Doubleclick by Google

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Microsoft wants regulators to examine Google and DoubleClick deal

According to an article published on April 16, 2007 in DailyTech, just a few days have passed and several companies have already questioned the new acquisition of Google.

Microsoft wants US federal regulators to take a closer look at Google's recent acquisition of DoubleClick, an Internet advertising provider. For their part, both Google and its lawyers are fully confident that regulators will approve the deal.

AT&T and Time Warner have joined Microsoft in their initiative, calling for a possible investigation of the deal; the main reason is that they believe that Google will have too much control of online advertising. Another concern, mentioned by analysts, is the privacy of users: Google stores information and logs of searches made on its website and DoubleClick has a technology capable of remembering the sites visited by a user to display advertising based on that. .

News of Google's acquisition of DoubleClick was announced on Friday. Google's offer of 3.1 billion dollars (about 2.29 billion euros) beat those of Microsoft, Time Warner Inc. and Yahoo. The deal is expected to officially close in late 2007.

Industry analysts predict that this acquisition will allow Google to spend more time promoting the company through radio, television and print advertising.

At the moment, the US Ministry of Justice has not officially ruled on the issue.

Source: Daily Tech

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