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It is one of the most used techniques in aesthetics. Gel consistency substances are applied and it is based on the principles of electroporation and electrophoresis.


Electroporation It consists of the application of brief voltage pulses on cells and tissues. These impulses act on the cell membranes and specifically in the lipid intercellular spaces causing molecular changes, which lead to the formation of ultramicropres, increasing skin permeability in the corneal state. Electric shocks are of infinitesimal duration and within certain ranges of voltage and duration.

The phenomenon of micropore formation is totally reversible, because the lipid molecules are restructured to their initial condition when the electrical discharge ceases.


The Electrophoresis It is applied to the transport of substances through the skin in ionic form, by means of a direct current. The pole to be applied to the skin must have the same polarity as the charge of the substance to be introduced, to cause its electrorepulsion. The entry channels are basically sweat and hair follicles, since the corneal extract is a poorly permeable barrier to ionic substances, particularly cationic.


The virtual mesotherapy It is able to reaffirm facial and body flaccidity. It has the power to regenerate tissues, it is widely used on tired and swollen legs. It is used on the buttocks, belly, legs with cellulite ... Also on the cleavage, neck and face. Never in bust (chest). Depending on the area to be treated, different types of current will be chosen. The sessions will depend on the problem to be treated. A minimum of 12 sessions is needed to see amazing results.

Advantages of virtual mesotherapy:

  • In products of any pain.
  • It has no side effects.
  • Quick results.
  • It does not need recovery.

The virtual mesotherapy combined and completed with other treatments from our Marán Center it is very satisfactory.

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