How to know if you have been done Black Magic or the evil eye

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If you are obsessed with the idea, that they have made you evil eye or Black Magic, here you will find the key to know if it is true. There are ways of knowing if one lives under the influence of such a job.

Differentiate evil eye from Black Magic

He the evil eye is not the same asBlack magic and they are major words.

The evil eye can be done by someone who is envious voluntarily or involuntarily. On the other hand, Black Magic is a malicious work, consciously done to hurt someone, make him sick, annul him, destroy his life or take away his will, so that he is unable to live his life normally. But the intentions are evil, selfish and negative.

WARNING: Let one thing be clear to you, if at any time it occurs to you Doing or commissioning a Black Magic job turns against you 100%. What you do to someone will come back to you and they will suffer it in their flesh.

How to know if you have had a Black Magic job done?

There are physical and psychic symptoms, to detect if they have made you a Black Magic ritual. One of them alone does not mean anything, since we can all be sick. But all of them together, when in reality you are not like that, it is significant and you can start to seriously think that they have done something to you.

  • If your head hurts, you take a painkiller and it does nothing to you.
  • If your stomach hurts or if you have decomposition often, without an apparent medical cause.
  • If you have a lack of concentration, you have trouble concentrating on work or anything.
  • If you always feel tired, even if you rest and reach exhaustion, when your analytics is perfect.
  • If you have apathy and it costs you to move, to do anything ... It costs you a world, to go out on the street ... Or you have even fallen into a depressionwithout reasons.
  • If you are always of Bad mood, cutting, unfriendly and you see everything gray.
  • If you have sadness and you see everything difficult, insurmountable and you always see the glass half full.
  • If you have insomnia or you fall asleep but you wake up at 2 or 3 h. with the impossibility of going back to sleep.
  • If you are edgy and aggressive with your family, loved ones and they are getting angry or away from you
  • If money slips through your fingers: if you do nothing but spend and you are unable to save, when in reality you are not.
  • If everything goes wrong: work, business, loss of money, loss of friends, bad reputation, misunderstandings, bad streak that never ends ...
  • If you havesexual problems and it doesn't work with your partner.

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Do not be left with the worry of if you have done a Black Magic ritual and clarify your doubts

Tests to see if you have been done Black Magic or the evil eye?

* Test the glass of water, vinegar and salt

Place under the bed, a glass with water (3/4 of water), vinegar (2 tablespoons) and cooking salt (2 tablespoons). You place it under your bed for 1 week. If after 7 days, the salt has risen up the walls of the glass and has come out of it. It means they have done a job for you.

* Water, oil and hair test

Place half a glass of water with some of your hair, which you will leave floating in the water. You will add 3 drops of oil. Yes after 1h. the hair has gone to the bottom, it means that you have done a job. If they keep floating, no.

* Test the glass of water and oil

Take a glass of water, dip your middle finger in olive oil and you will drop 3 drops of oil into the water. If the drops become many drops of oil or if those 3 drops sink and go to the bottom ... It will mean that I have made you witchcraft.

* Egg test

Take a glass and fill it halfway. Choose a Tuesday or Friday. Take a fresh egg and pass it all over your body, starting from the head to the feet: forehead, head, chest, heart, stomach, belly ... You crack it and you have to pour it into the water. If the water turns cloudy or bubbles are formed, it is a bad sign, as it means witchcraft. If the bud takes the shape of a cross or an eye, also. On the other hand, if the yolk goes to the bottom of the glass and the white remains on the surface, it means that you are clean.

Solution if you have been done Black Magic or evil eye

I recommend that you follow the advice in my post: Black Magic: Rituals of Protection.

If, on the other hand, you feel really bad and you are not able to do it alone, do not hesitate to go to a professional, who will help you.

The truth is that it is an unpleasant subject and how it turns out to be something unthinkable, for someone balanced and honest, it is scary to face this alone.

In Rituals of Protection of Black MagicYou will find a way to reverse the work that has been done to you. It is simple and you will be able to clean your room of negative energies and that they reach the person who has done that to you.

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